High performance adhesives from 1920


for textile floor coverings

A specific range of products easy to apply and extremely high strength


for artificial grass

Lechner's adhesives are today present in main sport events


The Company

The roots date back to 1920, when in Arquata Scrivia, Ernesto Lechner established the "Industria Chimica Lechner s.n.c.", company specialized in the production of resin for paints, gain immediate positive feed back thanks to high quality of product offered.By the early '60ties, the son Bruno Lechner started leading the Company; in the meantime, the production also extends to adhesives for construction, sector where Lechner reached soon a primary market position..

The territory

Lechner plant is located in Arquata Scrivia, Alessandria area, close to the liguria region, thus in strategic position towards the commercial nodes in Milan and Turin. It must be recognized the value to this territory, where the company has gaven year after year its role and and where it was possible to recruit qualified stuff, who still accompanies the company in its process of expansion in international markets.

The Team

The real strength of this reality is created on the ability to adapt to ever-changing demands of personalized products by a customer who often has very specific needs.Thank to the flexibility and professionalism of his staff, Lechner is now an important company for the preparation for the primes, surface treatments and adhesive for wood flooring as well as for rubber, carpet, PVC flooring and artificial grass.


Featured products


Surface primings and additives

Let's start from the substrate. For a good installation of the floor we need careful preparation of the substrate. To consolidate, waterproofing and promote the adhesion of leveling and self leveling compound, Lechner is able today to offer a full range of primer sand additives designed specifically for different situations, suitable for every type of surface, from less absorbent to high absorbent surface.


Substrate shooting and leveling compounds

Levelling and self-leveling compounds are the products needed for the substrate preparation, before the laying of floor and wall coverings.

The performance and efficiency the Lechner's smooting and self leveling compounds leaves no wish unfulfilled.


Resilient adhesives coverings

Also to apply resilient coverings, Lechner offers to the market a wide range of adhesives designed for bonding of floor and wall, made of PVC, linoleum, civilian, industrial and sport rubber.

Lechner adhesives for resilient are today widely used in civilians works such as hospitals, schools, important public and private buildings, and in all those cases requiring high compressive and tensile strength



LECHNER SPA - Via Nazionale, 106 - Frazione Rigoroso - 15061 Arquata Scrivia (AL) - ITALY